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Once we know all the details of your project, we’ll come up with an accurate estimate. We may reach out and ask you to share your design inspiration and ideas so we can gain a better understanding of exactly what you’re looking for. Also, if you decide to move forward with your project and pay a deposit (if you’re a homeowner), we’ll come to your space to take field measurements that will allow for proper planning.



It’ll be time to connect with your contractor (if you have one) and design your cabinets. After your design has been finalized and you’re more than satisfied, you’ll sign your contract and cover your deposit or pay in full depending on what your project entails.


The production stage is where we bring your dream cabinets to life. While the scope of your project will dictate how long production will take, 4 to 6 week is the norm. We’ll collaborate directly with the contractor to schedule your install. Once the contractor arrives at your home, they’ll prepare the new space for cabinetry.



If your project involves a remodel, you can expect them to remove your old cabinetry. Then, our professional install team will look for an uneven area that needs to be shimmed or scribed so that installation can be performed plumb, true, and square. This is because our modern European style frameless cabinets require extreme precision that allows for a flawless install with even, tight reveals.

The standard install process follows a mounting base and we use wall studs to ensure stability and safety to work on the upper cabinets. We navigate around plumbing and electrical to create a clean install.

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