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Kitchen cabinets can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $250,000. But for the typical kitchen renovation, the average cost will range from $20,000 to $50,000. Relatively speaking, no matter how much or how little you spend, it is a considerable amount of money. What’s more, the cabinetry actually makes the kitchen remodeling. So, it pays to get this done right. Yet various home improvement “reality” TV shows often make cabinetry installation look so easy that almost anyone could do it. kitchen cabinets are delivered unwrapped and installed in minutes. It’s a piece of cake. Right? Nothing could be further from reality! Installing kitchen cabinetry is almost an art that only a small percentage of tradesmen are able to apply. In fact, there are at least three major skill sets required in order to properly install your cabinetry. They involve planning, handling, and finish carpentry.


Planning Before Installation

The installer has to first assess the room by taking precise measurements in order to establish a workable plan. This plan could range from simply shimming the base cabinets to replacing the subfloor or ceiling. This will depend on just how much correction is required. The plan must also include installing the cabinets in the proper sequence and from the proper locations in your kitchen. Your walls should be taped, repaired and primed before cabinetry is installed. If any of this gets overlooked, you can expect paint drips, gaps, misalignment, etc. And, once you get that far, corrections become costly and time-consuming.

Handling With Care

Your kitchen cabinets must also be handled with kid gloves. If they were purchased from a cabinetry supplier, each piece must be inspected for imperfections as they are unpacked. You must allow from five to seven days for your cabinetry to acclimate to your home. When working with very high-end materials a true professional might actually wear gloves during the installation. This is done in order to protect the finishes from scratches and dings. Tools, paint cans, lunch boxes, etc. must never be placed on your cabinetry. Your installer must know when more than one person is needed. Otherwise, your cabinets can get dropped or banged around.


Ensuring Quality Finished Carpentry Service

Finally, your kitchen cabinets can either come alive or be completely ruined by the quality of the finished carpentry. Crown molding, filler strips, toe kicks, etc. must be precisely cut and attached. Door hinges must be properly installed and adjusted. Hardware must be precisely positions and installed. Nail holes, seams, and edges must be caulked or filled. Touch up paint must be applied whenever necessary. Your installer must also warranty the work for at least a year and have a reputation for quickly responding to service requests.

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